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Individual Products

FIMMAS supports both individual and group products on the same flexible system.

New Business processing provides functions for streamlined entry of information about new applications, validation of new data, preparation of issue documents, commission advance, correspondence, and placing the coverage in force. More about New Business.

The FIMMAS underwriter workstation provides streamlined access to underwriting tasks. More about Underwriting.

Policy Administration includes those functions that enable customer service personnel to provide assistance to a company's policy owners, insureds, agents, and beneficiaries. All Policy Administration functions in FIMMAS are designed to be interactive. They immediately update the entered information in appropriate master files and record the changes in appropriate history files. All processing is real-time, on-line. No batch cycles are required to update files. More about Policy Administration.

FIMMAS Billing Administration creates billing extracts, prints notices, and updates master files, based on user-maintained rules for billing. Billing rules include the number of notices per billing cycle, the timing of notices, the header information for notices, and whether or not payment is required to keep in the policy inforce. More about Billing Administration.

FIMMAS allows each policy to be associated with multiple writing agents, with up to ten agent splits. Writing agents can be in a reporting hierarchy of up to nine levels. The number of levels can be easily modified to accommodate your requirements. More about Agency Administration.

In addition to standard FIMMAS reports, new reports can be created through the FIMMAS reporting module or any third-party reporting tool that is ODBC-compliant. More about Reporting and Correspondence.

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