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Group Billing 

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In addition to system-wide features for Billing Administration, special capabilities are available for group products:

  • Self-billed, direct bill, or TPA billing options
  • Salary based billing
  • Billing at summary level or certificate level
  • Automatic carry-forward or suspense items and amounts due from priors periods
  • Ability to review bill before sending notices
  • User defined tolerances, billing parameters, list bill formats
  • Ability to suspend billing for user defined reasons
  • Direct bill capability for optional coverage or ported policies



Billing Rules

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Group Action Maint - Billing

Billing rules specify how the system will handle payments that are more or less than the amount due. Each group can choose an over / short amount; any payment that falls within this range is applied as if it were paid as billed. Payments outside of this range are reconciled manually through List Bill Reconciliation.

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Billing Options

FIMMAS supports self-billed groups (no bill created via FIMMAS), as well as groups for which a bill is produced. FIMMAS can produce an aggregate bill (with no listing of individual certificates) or can create a billing that lists all certificate billing. FIMMAS can also produce individual bills for continuation of coverage to the individual insured.

FIMMAS supports flexible billing sequences, automatic billing for prior periods, and multiple modes on one bill.



List Bill Reconciliation


Premium refunds or premiums due can be carried forward and automatically applied to the next billing (without further manual intervention), or written off manually. FIMMAS automatically creates the accounting transactions needed to record whatever reconciliation action is taken.

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List Bill Reconciliation



Billing Recalculation

You can recalculate a bill at any time. If changes occur for a period already billed, you enter the changes and the system recalculates the bill based on the corrected information. For example, if there are premiums to be refunded, or certificates for which a prior month premium needs to be changed, the user enters those changes, and FIMMAS recalculates the bill to include those changes. No manual recalculation is needed. Any authorized user can initiate billing or rebilling for a single or multiple contracts.


Flexible Billing Formats

FIMMAS supports multiple, user-defined billing formats. Printed bills and notices are created through an interface to an external word processing package. This gives you the flexibility to design billing notices with whatever format, font, graphics, messages, or other customization you need. FIMMAS can bill via paper notices or electronic media.


Suspend / Reinstate Billing

FIMMAS supports the ability to suspend and reinstate billing. A billing control field can be defined to specify conditions under which a bill is not generated. This capability is provided at the group and certificate level.

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