Group Products Overview

Group Products 

In addition to FIMMAS functions for both group and individual lines, special capabilities support the particular requirements of group products:

  • Rates can vary by state, area, series, class, date range, and other variables. Use one rate table for multiple plans / benefits.
  • Premium and rate change flexibility by date band.
  • Flexible billing sequences, automatic billing for prior period, multiple modes on one bill.
  • Access to all information by relationship: group to employee, employee to group, etc.
  • Identify and combine groups for experience rating, dividend calculation, and reporting.
  • Identify groups requiring exception handling.
  • Complete experience data (premiums, claims information, etc.) available for online analysis.
  • Features such as a GI matrix and Auto Generator of benefits to streamline enrollment, group cancellations, reinstatement, and reenrollment.